Bill Schrull – Visiting new church building site in Ruhita village (2008)

Mission – Kasulu, Tanzania

It seems presumptuous of me to use the word mission when I speak of the work I have been committed to in Tanzania.  This is especially true when I compare this work to those missionaries who have devoted their entire lives to transmitting the Gospel and ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of people throughout the world.  Yet it is a mission none the less.   In this case a mission to support the Anglican Diocese of Western Tanganyika and Kasulu Bible College by equipping them with technology and resources for communication, study and research.

This blog as about our travels to and from Kasulu each year.   My hope is that it will serve to inform you about our daily walk in faith while in Tanzania.  I also hope it inspires you to follow as the Lord would lead you to reach out to others in witness and mission, whether that be near your home or half way around the world.