5F2FB6EB-10DB-4A06-818E-45210EF881F9Here we are ready to go at JFK Airport.   We had a small surprise this morning when our driver did not show up at the agreed pick up time.   After about 20 minutes, I texted his number and waited somewhat patiently for a reply.  There was no reply at first, so I started to look up long term parking for JFK, just in case.    Then a phone call came from our apologizing driver.    “No problem”, I said.   We really did have plenty of time to get to checked-in and make our flight.     So again, here we are.   We are ready to go and appreciative of this opportunity to help our friends and serve the Lord in East Africa for the next few weeks.    We will probably make our next post in Dar Es Salaam as there is a short lay over in Dubai.

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