We’ve arrived in Nairobi.   Our flights were pleasant and otherwise uneventful.   Everything was on time to and from Dubai.    We cleared customs and are at our hotel near the airport.   Tomorrow morning we leave on a flight to Kisumu to make our way by car to Bishop Okullu College in  Asembo.     I’m looking forward to seeing Bishop David Kodia and his family again.   This will be the first time to meet them for Cathy.   She has not traveled to Kenya before.    


At the college, I’ll be installing a backup server, which is basically a Mac mini computer that is running Windows Server as a virtual machine.    I also have some other items to drop off, including a replacement thin client PC that was bad out of the box when I came last year in May 2018.   That will up their workstations number to 10.   I’m also going to work on a way to setup simple backups with a USB disk that I brought along.    

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