Up, up and away we go.   This is our plane for the first leg of our journey to East Africa.   We’ll be leaving in about an hour so I won’t have much time to write as we’ll be boarding soon.   I thank all of you who are following our trip to Kenya and Tanzania.   We will be going to Kenya first to visit with Bishop David Kodia and his family and to spend time at Bishop Okullu College in Asembo.   I have some I.T. work to do there and will also do some training on their systems.    Then it will be on to Tanzania and our home in Kasulu!   In Kasulu I will also be doing some work on their computer network, keeping it up to date and working well.   Along with that, we’ll be visiting churches and singing and worshiping together with them.   


I’ll post along the way in Dubai and even perhaps from the airplane while over the Atlantic.   Later!!!



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