IMG 3480Our fight arrived in Kisumu at 10:15AM today.   We were met by Bishop David Kodia as we exited the terminal.   After a warm greeting we put all of our bags in his car and proceeded to drive to Asembo to his home.   It’s about a 45 minute drive from the airport.   His home is not far from Lake Victoria, which is a good thing!   It can get very hot outside here in the Kisumu area.    Having a home near or around the lake means you get some strong breezes off of the water that cools things down.   It kind of reminds me of what things can be like on Cape Cod.   Even if you are inland a bit, as we are here, the strong south western winds can take the edge off of a hot summer day.



Right now we are relaxing with our friends, David and his wife Jenifer and his oldest daughter Annette.   I took a two hour nap at 3 PM as I’m still getting through some jet lag.  I think I should be fully adjusted to the time zone by tomorrow morning.   Tomorrow, after breakfast we will go over to Bishop Okullu College so I can begin to work on and maintain their computer network.   I’ve got the backup server to install and the extra thin client station to setup.

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