Sorry for the writing drop out.   We had an interesting time the past few days.   First was the numerous flight delays by Air Tanzania which started on Saturday and did not end until Sunday afternoon, when we finally got to Kigoma to meet up with our friends from DWT.  We were tired for sure, but we were glad to finally get to Kasulu Sunday evening.    


Today, I spent a fair amount of time at Lake Tanganyika College.   It was good to get there and start working on a list of things they had for me to do.   First was getting the Windows 2008 Server working so that the thin clients could communicate with it.   Somehow it’s network addressing was changed, so I got that set and it was back in business.   Other things included networking a new Canon copier/printer with the servers and then reseting their wireless network.   Yup, somehow that got changed as well.   Whatever!   We got is all working again. 


Tomorrow we will be going with a rep from World Vision to the village of a child and family that we support.   I think I’ll leave to Cathy to write about that tomorrow, as she is really the one who sponsors them.    It just interesting to note that when she asked World Vision to have her sponsor a girl from Tanzania several years back, that it turned out that she lives very close to Kasulu where we have been in partnership with DWT for all these years.   



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